Semalt Explains Why It Is So Important To Pay Attention To Ad Blockers When Running A Marketing Campaign

Ad blockers have been a concern among many marketers for a long time. However, recently, the issue has heightened with at least a third of all internet users expected to make use of Ad blocking software in 2017. With the increased battle for attention online, consumers prefer to tune out most of the content that is of no interest to them.

According to Igor Gamanenko, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, this is a trend that seemingly will not go away anytime soon. Therefore, instead of searching for a workaround for the ad blocking technology, marketers need to understand what message consumers are trying to inform them.

The rise of ad blockers is the consumer's way of informing marketers which kind of content they need to eradicate from their online experience. It should be seen instead as valuable feedback on how marketers can tailor their content better, as well as get their message across.

One of the messages consumers are trying to put across is that marketers need to ramp up their creativity. The amount of creativity that a marketer infuses into his or her content is very important. Since consumers have the power to opt into the content that they like, you have to create content that is engaging and useful, such as videos, blogs, and reviews.

It is now vivid that traditional methods of digital advertisement do not work anymore. Some brands, however, are ahead of the curve as compared to others when it comes to finding other ways to deal with this issue. For instance, Spotify and Amazon Kindle have put a price on providing an ad-free experience.

The consumers are also informing marketers that they need to reconfigure value exchange. According to Campaign Asia, the relationship between marketers and consumers has always tilted towards the former, with marketers asking much more from the consumers than what was given back. With the soar of ad blockers, this tradition has tilted the other way. Even though it is one of the marketing hazards that can take a toll on your marketing strategies and conversion rates, it is also a wake-up call to transform the digital marketing landscape into on that focuses solely on the consumer.

The sooner marketers realize that creating good and informative content is the solution to the issue as opposed to designing ads that can get through blocking technology, the better equipped they will be to make connections with their customers once more.

There are lots of lessons to be learned from ad blockers. Marketers need to understand the kind of content that the consumers are willing to engage with as well as the kind of content that consumers find to be irrelevant. It is vital to realize that not every challenge is fully negative. Some challenges also serve as valuable feedback.

If you are one of those firms that are finding ad blockers to be a growing concern to your advertising endeavors, you may want to re-evaluate your plan of attack. Look deeper into the issue and find out how you can better tailor your strategies.

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